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Common questions relating academy entrance
When will the enrollment start?
Twice a year, April and October.
Please tell me the process of entering the Academy.
Please refer to the "Entering Process" page for further details.
Please tell me the required materials for application.
Please refer to the "Required Materials" page for further details.
Where will the Entrance Examination be held?
At our cooperative universities and colleges. Please contact with us for further information.
Please tell the about enrollment and tuition fees.
Please refer to the "Enrollment, Course and Tuition Fee" page for further details.
Questions relating Life and Environment
Are students allowed to have part-time jobs?
The Academy strongly supports students working part time. The Academy helps students identify the type of job best suited for their personality and language abilities . Through our network of contacts in the business community we will assist students in finding appropriate part time work. Please refer to the "Part-time Job Introduction" page for further details.
Can I use school computers and books?
We offer WIFI on campus and the students are free to use the iMac(Apple). Also, we have a well-stocked library with over 4,000 books on many topics and for many levels of ability from beginner to highly advanced. Please refer to the "Introduction of Victoria Academy" page.
Can I smoke on campus?
Smoking is not allowed inside, however, we have a smoking area on the roof.
What is the nearest train station.
Shinjuku Southern Station is 12 minutes walk from the Academy, and Yoyogi Station is 7 minutes by walking. Please refer to the "Transportation" page.
Is there scholarship in the Academy?
Yes, we have scholarship from Japanese Education Institution, and also our own independent scholarship system. Please refer to the "Scholarship" page.
Is there dormitory?
Victoria does not have the own dormitory, but we will help students to find the dormitories nearby or make other living arrangements. Please refer to the "Student Dormitory" page.
Are there any activities for students to interact with each other?
We have opportunites for travel, Tea Ceremonies, Flower Arrangements and Flower Viewing. Please refer to the "Campus Life" page.
Academy Questions
What are some of the choices for Academy students who want to continue to study in Japan?
We can arrange special academic instruction and personal interview for students whose continue to study in a college or university, or at a vocational college.
I want to continue to study at a University. Is this possible?
Yes. We have courses designed not only to assist students in developing the skills needed to be admitted into a Japanese university and to be able to successfully complete university level course work. We have university professors to provide lectures on practical information students need to know about Japanese universities, including how to study, take examinations and conduct research.
I want to work after graduation.
We have courses designed to focus on developing practical Japanese language skills and abilities for the students who want to work after graduation immediately.
What type of instructional system does Academy use?
We use a variety of techniques, including the Master Teacher System, to make the most efficient use of time and provide maximize results. There is a heavy emphasis on direct teacher – student interaction, combined with use of computer assisted aides and video recordings of students as they progress.