By learning Japanese to gain irreplacable experience.
For a brand new future, Victoria Academy support you from the finest environment.


We have our own dormitory with exclusive design, to provide students with a comfortable and quiet learning environment, helping them to pursuit deeper knowledge and creative thinking. Brand New interior furnishings, and the accomodations are all custom-made european design. With high-class environment, parents have complimented the school in this respect.


〒151-0053 3-8-4 Victoria Yoyogi Building, Shibuya-ku Tokyo-to TEL: 03-6300-9398 FAX: 03-6300-9399



We have a well-stocked library with over 4,000 books including comics, novels, magazines, books for interview and college examinations, professional books for economics, illustrated books, dictionaries and Japanese picture books.


These help students to learn different aspects of the Japanese language. The variety of books helps enhance the learning experience, and also motivation. And it is helpful for examination.



We offer WIFI on campus.

The students are free to use iMac (Apple) computers for learning or searching the information.


 Interview Room

We offer interview room for practice as student requires. They are free to use by reservation. Please contact with us for any questions about learning, interrelationship and academy.



Students may enjoy the relaxing time with food and chat on the rooftop view the beautiful sights of Shinjuku Skyscraper and western gardening.



There are many restaurants nearby, and we also accept food orders. You can order meals or bento box for an extra charge.


Surrounding Environment

The Academy is located in the quiet residential area in Yoyogi, Shibuya. This is the economic center of Japan, and next to Shinjuku. Neighborhoods are parks like urban oasis. In a word, here is the finest place where business, economy and multi-cultures meet, help you focus on learning Japanese.



Nearby, there are many colleges and universities and is regarded as the center of culture and education. Furthermore, there are Tokyo government, Shinjuku high buildings, and Shinjuku prosperous streets in the walking area. It an area with vitality.


Also located nearby are famous green parks: Yoyogi Park, Meiji Jingu Shrine and Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. The arena from 1964 Tokyo Olympics is also open to the public. There are many places for you to relax.


Students can enjoy the urban life and focus on learning in such an environment.